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M38 Gas Mask Canister - Normandy Camo

An M38 WW2 gas mask canister painted in green and brown Normandy camouflage. Brown anti-rust paint inside. Moving parts working and all straps present. Lid missing from spare lens compartment.

Code: 13469

68.00 GBP

US Army M1 Helmet Liner

A fibre inner liner for a US Army M1 helmet. A 1943 pattern green and tan liner. No webbing or internal straps, but fixing points are present

Code: 13468

25.00 GBP

Gebirgsjager Sleeve Badge

A sleeve badge for a gebirgsjager mountain troops unit, depicting an edelweiss on a dark green background. Some mothing around the edge, and to the right of the flower.

Code: 13467

20.00 GBP

10 x Original Photographs - Panzer and Armoured Crews

Ten original photographs of German panzer and armoured vehicle crews in WW2. The photographs are printed on thin white photographic paper. Damage to the back of the pictures indicates they were removed from an album. A fascinating record of German forces in action.

Code: 13466


NSDAP Flag - Jersey Occupation

A full size NSDAP party flag from the German occupation of Jersey in the Channel Islands. This flag, which is 98cm x 68cm, was recovered from the Ommaroo Hotel in St Helier immediately after the relief of the island following the occupation. Known provenance since then. The heavy cotton flag is in good condition, with white canvas rope guide.

Code: 13465


Propaganda Postcard - KC Fallschirmjager

A propaganda postcard with a colour drawing depicting a Knights Cross recipient Fallschirmjager NCO with an MP40 machine gun. Dated 1940

Code: 13464

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Heer Officers Cap Cockade

A good condition Heer officers cap cockade and laurels. Two piece construction. DRGM marked. Two clips to the rear.

Code: 13463

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WW2 Black Wound Badge

A good condition WW2 third class black wound badge. Most paint remaining. With clip. Part of hasp has broken.

Code: 13462

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WHW Fund-Raising Figure - Army Officer

A bakelite figure of a Wehrmacht officer from a 1940 WHW winter relief series. Silver bakelite with a hole for a hanging loop

Code: 13461

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M35 Waffenrock NCOsTunic - Artillery

A German army Waffenrock M35 dress tunic to an obergefreiter in the artillery. Field green gabardine tunic is styled on the Imperial German tunic and has no external pockets. The Waffenrock dress tunic was replaced in early 1940 with a more conventional tunic. This example has shoulder straps with red waffenfarbe for artillery, and obergefreiters stripes in silver tresse. Cloth and silver wire breast eagle. Stand up felt collar and red-trimmed artillery collar tabs. Some evidence of a badge removed from the left upper arm. Tunic is fastened with eight marbled buttons and horizontal buttonholes. Buttons have a WO12 marking and a 1937 date. Three cape buttons under the collar. Green cloth lining which is extensively marked. Square patch cut out from lining - possibly where wearers name used to be. Internal pocket

Code: 13460

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