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Mauser K98 Bayonet

A late war Mauser K98 bayonet. Ridged chocolate brown Bakelite grips. Moving parts working. Good blade, stamped with maker's mark Coppel GmbH of Solingen. Serial number 9183M. Bayonet has had all of its paint removed down to bare metal. It is stamped with serial number 3220.

Code: 13366

95.00 GBP

M17 Transitional Helmet - DRK

An M17 transitional helmet with Deutsche Red Cross (DRK) double decals. Helmet shell has an overall brown patina inside and out. It has the large peak indicative of Austrian manufacture. A clear DRK logo. The national decal has some damage. Large size - probably a 58 or a 60. Nine-tongued 1935 pattern light hide liner with leather chinstrap.

Code: 13365

865.00 GBP

Czech VZ24 Bayonet

An M1936 bayonet for the Czech VZ24 carbine - the main WW2 Czech bayonet, which was extensively used by the Wehrmacht for the Kar98 rifle. Wooden grips which have normal age wear. Good condition 30cm blued blade. Serial 7938 stamped on top of pommel. Black scabbard has most paint remaining.

Code: 13364

72.00 GBP

Luftwaffe Sidecap - Large

A large size 60 Luftwaffe EM/NCO's sidecap. Blue serge cap with 2nd pattern Luftwaffe eagle and cockade to the front. Cloth lined. Faint, illegible makers stamp to the inside, along with a size 60 stamp and a 1942 date.

Code: 13363

325.00 GBP

10 x Original Photographs - German Mortar Teams

Ten original photographs of German mortar teams in action. The photographs are printed on thin white photographic paper. Damage to the back of the pictures indicates they were removed from an album. A fascinating record of German forces in action.

Code: 13362


M34 Luftschutz Factory Helmet - Maybach

PRICE REDUCTION; An aluminium shell M34 Fire Police helmet for the Maybach factory in Friedrichshaben. Satin black shell with salt shaker vents and a Maybach logo to the front in gold. Original size 57 liner and crown pad. Chinstrap present but incomplete. Fixing holes for comb filled in. The Maybach factory produced tank engines, including for the Tiger and Panzer IV tanks.

Code: 13361

155.00 GBP

Saar Plebiscite Voting Slip 1935

A League of Nations plebiscite voting slip for the Saar region of Germany. The vote, in 1935, gave the option of administration by the Germans or the French, who administered the region's valuable coal mines after the First World War. More than 90 per cent voted for reunification with Germany. With wax seal. A rare piece of history.

Code: 13360

30.00 GBP

M31 Luftschutz Helmet - DD

PRICE REDUCTION: An M31 Luftschutz air defence helmet with unknown decals. Helmet has a logo on one side which seems to be an apple on a heraldic shield, with a white chevron decal on the other side. This is probably a factory or state issued helmet. Original light tan hide liner with hard plastic strap. Havelock tags for a neck-guard are present.

Code: 13359

155.00 GBP

M35/40/42 Helmet Liner Rings

Metal liner rings for a German M35/40/42 helmet. Outer ring has chinstrap bales intact. Aluminium inner ring. No visible markings or size but appears to be a 64.

Code: 13358

40.00 GBP

Mothers Cross - Silver

A silver Mothers Cross. Overall good condition, but with damage to the enamel on the lower arm of the cross below the swastika. December 1938 date on the reverse with Adolf Hitler signature. Full length ribbon.

Code: 13357

35.00 GBP