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Royal Lifesaving Society Medal

A Royal Lifesaving Society bronze medal. Presented to an R. Hamby and dated 1976

Code: 13571

8.00 GBP

Brodie MkII Helmet - Anti-Aircraft

A British Brodie MkII steel helmet with a divisional sign for the 2nd Anti-Aircraft Division of the Royal Artillery. Green/brown patina inside and out. No visible stampings on shell. Liner intact with rubber crosspiece. Liner nut and bolt appear to be later replacements. Part-elasticated chinstrap.

Code: 13570

255.00 GBP

Knights Templar Lapel Badge

A lapel badge in copper for the Knights Templar Freemasons. With IVISHES inscription and Cross of Lorraine. With spring-grip clip

Code: 13569

7.00 GBP

Machine Gun Corps - Canada - Cap Badge

A cap badge in subdued copper for the Machine Gun Corps, Canada. Kings Crown. Three fixing lugs. Maker marked by JR Gaunt of London.

Code: 13568

32.00 GBP

Original Photograph - Joseph Goebbels

A rare and original photograph of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in uniform, with an SS/SA trooper. Photographer's stamp on the reverse.

Code: 13567

30.00 GBP

WW1 Prussian Military Music Award

A WW1 Prussian award for military music. 4.5cm width badge with long pin. An unusual item

Code: 13564

12.00 GBP

USSR Order of Labour Glory Medal

The USSR Order of Labour Glory medal in silver grade. White metal and enamel medal with ribbon and hanging device. Stamped with issue number 330319.

Code: 13565

28.00 GBP

Imperial German Silk Sash

A 62-inch long white silk sash, bearing the Imperial German Maltese Cross. Made as a "birthday sash" to celebrate a 19th birthday. Inscription in German script reads "Our beloved son and little brother". These were often made to celebrate birthdays before the recipient went off to fight.

Code: 13563


Nazi Volkischer Beobachter Newspaper

A copy of the official Nazi Party newspaper - Volkischer Beobachter (People's Observer) from July 1937. A 12-page broadsheet newspaper with several pictures of Adolf Hitler.

Code: 13566

25.00 GBP

"Hitler's Thanks" Table Medallion

A heavy white metal "Hitler's Thanks" table medallion. Awarded in 1939 for "services to the people". Hitler's head on one side, and two images of Hitler in uniform on the reverse. Good condition.

Code: 13562

38.00 GBP