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WW2 Iron Cross 2nd Class - Display Mounted

A 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class mounted in a perspex display box. Good condition medal has clear definition and I magnetic. Original ribbon.

Code: 13440

95.00 GBP

WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class - Display Mounted

A WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class mounted in a perspex display box. Medal is in extra fine condition with an unblemished black core. Magnetic. Original narrow width ribbon.

Code: 13438


Feldgendarmerie Shoulder Boards- pair

A pair of button-in shoulder boards for an enlisted man in the Field Police. Blue serge epaulettes with orange waffenfarbe. Good condition

Code: 13439

22.00 GBP

Russian Coin - Eastern Front Dig-Up

A Russian brass five Kopek coin, dated 1940. Dented. This coin was dug up from near Saldus on the Eastern Front in what is now Latvia.

Code: 13437


US Army Personal Gear - Bastogne Dig-Ups

US Army personal field gear dug up from around Bastogne. A Gillette razor which is maker stamped and marked Made in the USA, a razor handle, and a bakelite toothbrush, with bristles gone

Code: 13436


Krim Shield - Museum Copy

An accurate museum copy of the German Krim Shield, awarded to German personnel serving in Crimea in 1941 and 1942. Four retaining clips. No cloth backing. Ideal for re-enactors.

Code: 13435

15.00 GBP

Army Farriers Trade Badge

Cloth sleeve trade badge for a farrier in the British Army.

Code: 10540

4.00 GBP

2-inch Mortar Bomb - Illuminating

A fired British 2-inch illuminating mortar bomb. Semi relic condition, with flare tube still attached. Faint remains of stampings on fins.

Code: 13434

35.00 GBP

War Merit Cross - Mounted

A War Merit Cross without swords for non-combatants. Bronze cast medal with full-length ribbon. Display mounted in a perspex box.

Code: 13433

28.00 GBP

1936 Labour Day Badge

A 1936 Labour Day badge by Schul of Berlin. Maker marked. Some marks and pitting on face. No clip.

Code: 10062

7.00 GBP