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Munchener Beobachter Nazi Newspaper

A Munchener Beobachter (Munich Observer) newspaper for the Munich branch of the the Nazi party. Dated July 1937. Eight-page broadsheet newspaper.

Code: 13602

25.00 GBP

DRK 50 Year Service Medal Ribbon Bar

A medal ribbon bar for 50 years service in the Deutsches Red Cross (DRK). Gold ribbon with two red vertical stripes. With clip

Code: 13601

8.00 GBP

DRK Belt Buckle

A belt buckle for a member of the Deutsches Red Cross (DRK). Marbled patina buckle bearing DRK insignia with swastika, eagle and cross. Age tarnished, otherwise good condition.

Code: 13600

95.00 GBP

WW1 Veterans Association 40-Year Service Pin

A gilt and black enamel stickpin for 40 years service in the WW1 veterans association. 1914 Iron Cross image in a gilt garland. Long pin

Code: 13599

15.00 GBP

Tripartite Axis Pennant

A triangular Tripartite Axis pennant produced for the Anti-Comintern Pact conference of 1936 between Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. Heavy cloth, double-sided pennant with yellow edging. Attachment string and loops present

Code: 13598


Luftschutzbund Door Plaque

A large round door plaque for the Luftschutzbund air defence organisation. 7.5cm diameter stamped metal plaque with RLB insignia and swastika. Three fixing holes

Code: 13597

110.00 GBP

Aircraft Assembly Worker's Stickpin

A Handwerke stickpin for a worker in an aircraft assembly factory. Hammer, wings and swastika in white metal on a long turned pin. Ges-gesch stamped.

Code: 13596

28.00 GBP

M17 Camouflaged Helmet with Browplate

A German M17 camouflaged helmet with heavy steel sniper's browplate. Green and brown camouflage pattern clear on outer helmet shell with a dark patina and black separation lines. Dark brown inner shell stamped with maker and size mark ET64 and batch number R1612. Liner ring present but much of the inner leather liner is missing. No chinstrap. Stirmpanzer browplate attached to helmet lugs with black leather securing strap.

Code: 13595

1925.00 GBP

Wehrmacht Issue Tobacco

An unopened 50gm pack of Wehrmacht issue tobacco with tax privilege label only available to German armed forces. Bremaria Auslese brand, manufactured by Brinkmann from Bremen. Original price of 14 Reichsmarks.

Code: 13594

28.00 GBP

Nazi Veterans Association Receipts

Two receipts for subscriptions for the Kyfhauser Nazi Veterans Association. Stamped

Code: 13593

6.00 GBP