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US Army Military Merit Medal

The WW2 US Army Military Merit commendation medal, awarded for acts of bravery or merit while in contact with the enemy. With ribbon and pin.

Code: 13479

24.00 GBP

Luftschutz M36 Flat Brim Helmet

A Luftschutz M36 flat brim, single-piece construction gladiator helmet with an unknown decal. A flying B logo is painted on one side of the helmet. This logo features in Ludwig Baer's "History of German Steel Helmets 1916-45" and is thought to be a factory decal. The green painted helmet has salt shaker vents and a hanging hole punched into the brim. Six tongue liner and half chinstrap present. These late war helmets were usually Austrian made and are quite rare.

Code: 13478

325.00 GBP

10 x Original Photographs - Waffen SS Troops

Ten original photographs of Waffen SS troops in WW2. The photographs are printed on thin white photographic paper. Damage to the back of the pictures indicates they were removed from an album. A fascinating record of German elite forces in action.

Code: 13477


WW2 Death Card - EKII Holder

A WW2 death card to infantry feldwebel Hans Schmitt, an Iron Cross second class holder, killed in the Ukraine, 1943.

Code: 13476


Kyfhauser Veterans Stickpin Badge

A German Kyfhauser war veterans stickpin. Brass and enamel badge has Kyfhauser insignia and national flag colours. Ges-gesch marked. Long pin

Code: 13475

18.00 GBP

Silver WW2 Wound Badge

A good condition solid construction WW2 silver wound badge. Silver marked 30 on reverse. Needle pin

Code: 13474


Krim Shield - Museum Copy

A museum copy of the Krim Shield, awarded for combatants in the Crimea. Pressed alloy shield on field grey cloth backing

Code: 13473

15.00 GBP

TeNo Leaders Cap Eagle

A cap eagle for a leader in the TeNo technical emergency organisation. White metal eagle with TeNo insignia. Two clips.

Code: 13472


Hitlers Head Tinny

A pressed brass fund-raising tinny bearing Hitlers head and the inscription Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer. With pin

Code: 13471

12.00 GBP

Heer Belt Buckle

A WW2 Heer army belt buckle. M1940 pattern buckle in die-stamped alloy with domed central insignia and braised-on buckle catch. Complete and in good condition.

Code: 13470