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French Indo-Chinese Jump Star

A brass parachute jump star for airborne and commando forces in French Indo-China (now Vietnam). With clip

Code: 13401

12.00 GBP

RAF Sweetheart Brooch - Gilt

A gilt Kings Crown RAF sweetheart brooch. Green, blue and red enamelling, with gilt wings. With pin

Code: 13400

22.00 GBP

Territorial Efficiency Medal - Miniature

A silver miniature of the Territorial Efficiency medal awarded to members of the British Territorial armed forces for loyalty and service. Queens Crown medal has ribbon and clip.

Code: 13399

15.00 GBP

Trench Art - French 75mm Shell Case

A trench art WW1 French 75mm howitzer shell case. Hammered leaf pattern and ornamental rim. Base is extensively stamped including DEC, Ln and H469.

Code: 13398

25.00 GBP

Somerset Light Infantry Cap Badge

A large (4.5cm) white metal 1898 pattern cap badge for Prince Albert's Somerset Light Infantry. Some age discolouration. With brass cap slide.

Code: 13397

10.00 GBP

6 x Original Photographs - German Troops in Camouflage

Six original photographs of German troops in camouflage in WW2. The photographs are printed on thin white photographic paper. Damage to the back of the pictures indicates they were removed from an album. A fascinating record of German forces in action.

Code: 13396

10.00 GBP

Belgian Refugees Fund Certificate - 1914

A large ornate certificate awarded to a Sunday School in the parish of St.Ouen, Jersey, for contributions to the refugee fund supporting Belgian refugees fleeing from German forces pouring into their country. Dated November 1914.

Code: 13395

25.00 GBP

Arbeitsbuch - First Pattern with Instructions

A 1st pattern Arbeitsbuch to a Paul Furfar, a telephone exchange worker from Biberach on the Danube. Issued in 1935 and discontinued in 1938. Includes a leaflet giving instructions to employers.

Code: 13394

22.00 GBP

RAF Sweetheart Brooch - KC

A Royal Air Force sweetheart brooch with Kings Crown. Blue and red enamel RAF insignia and crown on white metal and sky blue enamel wings. With pin

Code: 13393

15.00 GBP

M40 Combat Helmet - Camo

An M40 combat helmet minus its liner. Shell is painted in a black and dark tan camouflage pattern. Outer shell has age pitting. Inner shell is dark grey. No discernible shell stampings. Size appears to be a 64.

Code: 13392

225.00 GBP