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10 x Original Photographs - German Riflemen and Snipers

Ten original photographs of German snipers and riflemen in WW2. The photographs are printed on thin white photographic paper. Damage to the back of the pictures indicates they were removed from an album. A fascinating record of German forces in action.

Code: 13451

15.00 GBP

M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet Chinstraps

A chinstrap set for the M38 Fallschirmjager parachutists helmet. Single-sided grey leather straps with all loops and fastenings intact. Some rusting on metal fasteners, otherwise good condition

Code: 13450

45.00 GBP

WW2 Death Card - EKII Holder

A death card for infantry Gefreiter Leo Emmrich, holder of the Iron Cross 2nd Class and Infantry Assault Badge, who died in a field hospital after the battle of Rzhev, Russia in October 1942.

Code: 13449


Queen Victoria Jubilee Medal

A silver medal produced to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Silver medal has a photograph in the centre with the dates 1837-1897 and the inscription "To commemorate the 60th year of the reign of her most gracious majesty Queen Victoria." Further inscriptions on the reverse. With a pink ribbon.

Code: 13448

12.00 GBP

Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary Medal

A heavy gold medal produced in 1897 to mark the centenary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1797. Medal has image of Kaiser Wilhelm in pickelhaube on the obverse, and dates and inscription with Prussian coat of arms on the reverse.

Code: 11387

28.00 GBP

WW2 Black Wound Badge - De-Nazified

A WW2 black wound badge which has been de-Nazified. The swastika in the centre of the helmet has been hammered out, but is still visible on the reverse. Good condition, with needle pin.

Code: 13447

29.00 GBP

WHW Porcelain Police Badge

A WHW Nazi winter relief porcelain badge, hand painted as a traffic ordnungpolizei officer. Rear clip missing.

Code: 13446

8.00 GBP

WW1 Brodie MkI Helmet with Artwork

A WW1 British Brodie MkI helmet with commemorative artwork to the front. Black painted rimless shell - minus its liner - bears the iconic image of a soldier and battlefield grave with the heading "The Great War" and the inscription "We Will Remember Them 1914-1918" on the helmet rim. Crown decorated with poppies. Inner shell painted black.

Code: 13445

295.00 GBP

Kaiser Wilhelm War Service Cross- Half-size

A half size printzen example of the rare Kaiser Wilhelm War Service Cross. 1914 dated. Single side, with plain back. No ribbon

Code: 10675

26.00 GBP

Saar WHW Tinny

A large pressed gilt tinny for Winter Relief in the Saar region. An impressive tinny featuring an eagle and garlanded swastika. With pin

Code: 13444

20.00 GBP