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WW2 Death Card - EKII Holder

A death card for infantry Gefreiter Leo Emmrich, holder of the Iron Cross 2nd Class and Infantry Assault Badge, who died in a field hospital after the battle of Rzhev, Russia in October 1942.

Code: 13449


Queen Victoria Jubilee Medal

A silver medal produced to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Silver medal has a photograph in the centre with the dates 1837-1897 and the inscription "To commemorate the 60th year of the reign of her most gracious majesty Queen Victoria." Further inscriptions on the reverse. With a pink ribbon.

Code: 13448

12.00 GBP

Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary Medal

A heavy gold medal produced in 1897 to mark the centenary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1797. Medal has image of Kaiser Wilhelm in pickelhaube on the obverse, and dates and inscription with Prussian coat of arms on the reverse.

Code: 11387

28.00 GBP

WW2 Black Wound Badge - De-Nazified

A WW2 black wound badge which has been de-Nazified. The swastika in the centre of the helmet has been hammered out, but is still visible on the reverse. Good condition, with needle pin.

Code: 13447

29.00 GBP

WHW Porcelain Police Badge

A WHW Nazi winter relief porcelain badge, hand painted as a traffic ordnungpolizei officer. Rear clip missing.

Code: 13446

8.00 GBP

WW1 Brodie MkI Helmet with Artwork

A WW1 British Brodie MkI helmet with commemorative artwork to the front. Black painted rimless shell - minus its liner - bears the iconic image of a soldier and battlefield grave with the heading "The Great War" and the inscription "We Will Remember Them 1914-1918" on the helmet rim. Crown decorated with poppies. Inner shell painted black.

Code: 13445

295.00 GBP

Kaiser Wilhelm War Service Cross- Half-size

A half size printzen example of the rare Kaiser Wilhelm War Service Cross. 1914 dated. Single side, with plain back. No ribbon

Code: 10675

26.00 GBP

Saar WHW Tinny

A large pressed gilt tinny for Winter Relief in the Saar region. An impressive tinny featuring an eagle and garlanded swastika. With pin

Code: 13444

20.00 GBP

Reichswehr Belt Buckle

A German Weimar Republic Reichswehr belt buckle in good condition. Weimar eagle with Gott Mit Uns inscription, Aluminium construction with pebbled patina. These buckles were issued between 1919 and 1936.

Code: 13443

40.00 GBP

Pair of US Armored Corps Collars - Brass

Pair of brass collar dogs for an officer in the US Armored Corps combat infantry. With gripper clips

Code: 10252

7.00 GBP