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Pair of Majors Crowns - KC

A pair of large brass British Army major's shoulder crowns. Kings Crown. With backing plates and clips

Code: 13013Price: 7.00 GBP

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WW1 Machine Gun Corps Service Certificate

A First World War service certificate for a Private J. Stephens of the Machine Gun Corps, dated 1915 - 1918.

Code: 13012Price: 20.00 GBP

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Der Schulungsbrief - Numbers 7/8/9

Combined issues numbers seven, eight and nine of Der Schulungsbrief - the official magazine of the NSDAP. 32 page A4-sized magazine is dated 1940, and focuses on the role of women in the Nazi party and in German forces. Tape repair to spine.

Code: 13011Price: 22.00 GBP

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US Navy WW2 M1 Helmet

A US Navy WW2 M1 Helmet - complete. Front-seamed shell with swivel bales. Helmet is in blue/grey paint, with a figure 4 and three white chevrons painted on the front, with the words "PeTr US Navy" painted above in maroon and "Beast" stencilled on the rear. Blue/grey inner liner with insignia hole. Webbing liner complete, along with chinstrap and neckstrap.

Code: 13010Price: 225.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe M40 Combat Helmet

A Luftwaffe M40 combat helmet. Outer shell is Luftwaffe grey, inner shell is field green. Light tan hide liner with black and an leather chinstrap. No visible maker or size markings but appears to be size 64 shell.

Code: 13009Price: 175.00 GBP

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WW2 Evacuee Certificates

Two certificates issued from Buckingham Palace to thank a Mrs Dunger of Norfolk for taking in an evacuee. One is signed by George VI and is dated 1946. The second is from Queen Elizabeth II. In envelope with Buckingham Palace stamp

Code: 13007Price: 25.00 GBP

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1939 Iron Cross Stickpin

A stickpin for a 1939 EK1 Iron Cross. Miniature detailed cross on long turned pin. Small repair to rear.

Code: 13008Price: 32.00 GBP

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Nieder-Rodenbach Advent Stickpin

A white metal and enamel stickpin for the Nieder-Rodenbach advent festival, 1954. Long turned pin.

Code: 13006Price: 6.00 GBP

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Army M40 Combat Helmet - Normandy Camo

An army M40 combat helmet in Normandy camouflage. Rough finish camouflage in brown, green and sand has darkened with age but is still clearly visible. Green painted inner shell with some rust pitting which has obscured maker and size marks, but appears to be a size 64. Tan hide original liner. No chinstrap.

Code: 13005Price: 495.00 GBP

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Graf Zeppelin Silver Tray

A WW2 silver drinks salver with an etched image of the Graf Zeppelin airship with swastikas on the tail, and the inscription "Alles Fur Deutschland". Some age tarnishing. An unusual and unique item.

Code: 13004Price:

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