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Cameron Highlanders Glengarry - WW2

A glengarry for the Cameron Highlanders. Black serge with silk badge patch and tail ribbons. White metal Cameron Highlanders badge. Wearer's name - H. MacDonald - and Fort Augustus on inner label. Fort Augustus was home to the Cameron Highlanders 4th Battalion throughout WW2, when the regiment fought in North Africa and France.

Code: 13126Price: 38.00 GBP

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Silver Kings Badge

A silver Kings Badge lapel badge awarded to wounded British servicemen in WW2. With lapel clip. Inscribed "For Loyal Service"

Code: 13125Price: 10.00 GBP

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Entry Ticket to Puttlingen Festival 1935

A cardboard entry badge to the Puttlingen Music Festival, 1935. Puttlingen is near Saarbrucken, and its annual festival was used as an NSDAP fund raiser.

Code: 13124Price: 5.00 GBP

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Austrian Red Cross Merit Medal - Gilt

A WW1 Austro-Hungarian Honour Decoration of the Red Cross in gilt class. This ladies medal with a bow ribbon was awarded for merit, constituted from 1864 to 1914. Gilt with enamelled detail to red cross and laurels. Fine condition

Code: 13123Price: 80.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe/Heer Silver Drivers Badge

A silver drivers qualification badge for Luftwaffe or Heer (no cloth backing to indicate which). Good condition with all four clips intact.

Code: 13122Price: 38.00 GBP

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DAF Swastika Pennant - Copy

A good quality copy of a large triangular pennant for the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF). Heavy cotton flag is 21 cm wide and 47 cm long, with attachment cord. Stamped with RZM marking, a 1941 date and Berlin makers mark. Ideal for re-enactors

Code: 13121Price: 35.00 GBP

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Kriegsmarine Veterans Cap Badge

A cap badge for an official in the Kriegsmarine WW1 veterans association. Gilt circular badge with Kriegsmarine flag in the centre. With clips.

Code: 13120Price: 25.00 GBP

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WHW Fund Raising Figure - NSDAP Official

A Bakelite winter relief fund raising figure of a Nazi Party official in uniform, from a 1939 series. With hanging loop.

Code: 13119Price: 8.00 GBP

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M40 Army Combat Helmet

An army M40 combat helmet. Dark brown patina - almost black in places. Very faint remains of a single decal. Two small dents in rear skirt. Stamped with serial number 7934. No discernible size stamp but the shell seems to be a size 64. Tan hide liner. Chinstrap intact, stamped with maker R. Larsen, Berlin, dated 1938.

Code: 13118Price: 395.00 GBP

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Nordhausen Veterans Day Bookmark
A small silk souvenir bookmark produced to mark Kyffhauser Veterans Day in the central German city of Nordhausen. Woven maroon cotton on blue silk. No date, but probably 1930s. Nordhausen was the centre of the German WW2 arms industry and was almost completely destroyed by the RAF in 1945.

Code: 13117Price: 8.00 GBP

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